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  • Alex Flint Premium Swiss Ball 55cm

    Alex Flint Premium Swiss Ball 55cm

    Today just $15.95

    Use an Alex Flint Swiss Ball as part of your home exercise equipment pack.

    Get for a large variety of core strengthening and whole body exercises, the value in swiss ball training lies in the "instability factor".

    Adding a swiss ball to a standard exercises requires much greater use of stabilising muscle groups throughout the body to counteract the instability that the ball brings. This is great for focusing on core strength and also increasing the difficulty of many regular exercises in an effective and functional fashion.

    A high quality ball with burst resistant qualities for added safety.

    BALL SIZE: The Alex Flint Swiss Ball is available in two sizes. If your height is 180cm or above it is recommended you purchase a 65cm ball. If your height is below 180cm it is recommended you purchase a 55cm ball.

I started with Alex because of his reputation, but the results I got was what kept me going.
Dave Dave
I lost 50kg in 12 months!
Donelle Donelle
"You made us strong enough to crouch and hide! Thank you Alex :)"
Eugenia Yuan Eugenia Yuan
"In the 12 months I trained with Alex, I lost 30 kgs which has been a life changing experience.
Grant Grant