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  • Alex Flint Premium Suspension Trainer (similar to TRX)

    Alex Flint Premium Suspension Trainer (similar to TRX)

    Today just $49.95

    An Alex Flint Suspension Trainer is an excellent addition to any training kit bag.

    Take it to the gym, use it in a park, your home, the shed or the garage.

    The Alex Flint Suspension Trainer allows you endless possibilities to workout, targeting all areas of the body, with a heavy emphasis on core stability. A must for the serious trainer or motivated exerciser.

    Strength Training, Circuit Training, Core Conditioning, Metabolic Conditioning, Fat-Loss Training, Fitness Training...You name it - it can all be achieved using this apparatus.

    NOTE: Suspension trainers are best connected to an overhead beam OR CEILING ANCHOR. Ceiling Anchors are available for sale seperately   

I started with Alex because of his reputation, but the results I got was what kept me going.
Dave Dave
I lost 50kg in 12 months!
Donelle Donelle
"You made us strong enough to crouch and hide! Thank you Alex :)"
Eugenia Yuan Eugenia Yuan
"In the 12 months I trained with Alex, I lost 30 kgs which has been a life changing experience.
Grant Grant