The Real Benefits of Muscle Mass

Our Skeletal muscle's PRIMARY function is to generate force, allowing us to move.

More recently, research findings are showing significant recognition for the important role skeletal muscle plays in our overall health:

We now know our levels of muscle mass have direct impact on:

  1. Whole-body metabolism
    (i.e: you will regulate your weight far easier if you maintain / increase muscle mass)
  2. Quality of life as associated with ageing
    (i.e: your physical body will be less effected by the hands of time if you maintain muscle mass)
  3. Quality of life as associated with Immune Health and chronic disease
    (i.e: you will cope better under severe sickness and stress if you have more muscle mass - as muscle mass correlates somewhat to immune health)

In a nutshell as we age, AND / OR eat a low nutrient diet AND / OR focus on excessive levels of endurance based aerobic exercise, MUSCLE LOSS is elevated.


This may lead to increase risk of:

-Weight Gain

-Accelerated Aging


-Heart Disease

-Some Cancers


The solution..

Regular, Structured, Resistance Training to maintain and increase muscle mass. Make it a major part of your weekly training regime...And then EAT TO SUPPORT MUSCLE GROWTH

Oh... and And Ladies especially.... Resistance training IS NOT going to turn you into a female Arnold Schwzenegger! Just the opposite in fact. The many women I have worked with over the years have found, time after time that adding muscle helps only to drop body fat and drop dress sizes!

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