Have you got a lazy ass?!

Glutes, Rump, Bum, Butt, Booty, Hind Quarters...

Whatever you call it, there is good reason to build some "junk in your trunk"

Whether it be to:

1. Make you move better - with less "energy leaks"

2. Reduce lower body injury risk

3. Squat or Deadlift or lift more weight - more efficiently

4. Or just to better fill out those jeans with more shape..

Efficient-Active-Glutes are ULTRA important.

Now to actually BUILD Glutes - you need to focus your program on Squats, Snatch, Romanian and Normal Grip Deadlifts, Walking Lunges and Back and Reverse Hyperextensions.

But all of those exercises may yield little result if you can't first "Recruit and Engage" your Outer and Main Glute-unit (Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Maximus)

Modern day life has literally ROBBED many of us of our God-given-right to a good set of Glutes.

Sitting all day tends to "make our Glutes go to sleep" - forcing our hamstrings and lower back to work overtime.

When we then try to exercise with this condition - we are giving ourselves a one way ticket to eventual lower back injury and frustration via lack of Glute development results.

The fix?

Spend 5 minutes "firing up and engaging" your Glutes before starting your Lower body workouts.

Keep the weights light and the reps high. Don't fry your lower back and Glutes - just get a burning going on and a nice "pump" feeling.

Try these 3 exercises: 20 reps per exercise 2-3 circuits total. Keep rest minimal.

*Ensure you keep feet pointing straight ahead and keep knees apart so tension remains on band at all times

1. Lateral banded glute-1/4 squat walk 10reps each direction
2. Banded Hip-thrusts
3. KB Russian Swings - focus on Glute 'DRIVE'

Once you can feel these muscles - it will be much easier for you to feel if they contracting are contributing to your main movements during your training.

Happy Training :)


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