Don't be a victim to emotional eating

You've got to stop using victim mentality when it comes to making excuses around what you eat.

Your concious mind is yours to control, therefore so are the food choices you make.

The way you portray a situation is up to you. Therefore, as hard as it may seem at the time - the way YOU react and behave to ANY situation is actually your choice.

So... as simplistic as this may seem...Emotional eating IS actually a free choice, driven by your own attitudes and values.

Effectively you are either choosing "instant gratification" - via a momentary short lasting food pleasure


You realise that making good choices and moving another step closer towards your greater goal is far more gratifying, than blowing out on food in response to stress or pressure. 

It comes down to priorities, being 'mindful' in difficult situations and taking charge of your life :)

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